About Journey


Finding Freedom -- Ministering Wholeness


There are about 120,000 people living in Wayne County.
People in our county with little or no involvement in a local church.
People involved in a church that have never been involved in a local church.
Christ followers who started their relationship with Jesus in a local church.

Our Pastor

Ron Williams

Before Journey, Ron served as lead Pastor for Dove Outreach Center for nearly 15 years, where he served in just about every capacity, working with teens, adults, and small groups. Ron has been a pastor for over 30 years and has extensive experience in spiritual counseling. Ron, and his wife Benita, are passionate about Jesus and dedicated to helping the local church be all that He intends for it to be—where people can meet Jesus face-to-face and experience life transformation.

Ron and Benita sensed God’s call to Wayne County Ohio in 1992, and by June of 1992, they packed up their home in Harrisonburg Virginia and moved to Kidron. They had two small children when they moved who are grown now. (son John and daughter Roberta) Their vision is to lead a church that finds and becomes free in Jesus --people who love Jesus, their neighbors, and the people in this region. They want to see people enter into a life-giving relationship with Jesus, and they desire to build a church that not only makes a difference in people’s lives on Sundays but also serves the county throughout the week.

Journey is a small church with a large heart for a big God. Come. Receive. Give. Worship.

Our Essentials

Everything we do is centered around leading people through our four essentials.

Know Jesus

Find Freedom

Discover Purpose

Make a Difference

Core Values


We believe love changes everything. Jesus’ love for us changed the world. Our love for Jesus transforms us. Love for the people in this county will make an eternal difference.


We believe the church matters. Jesus speaks when His church gathers. He is honored and moves when we gather in his name and for his glory.


Because we serve a God who is extremely generous, we believe His church and His people will be extremely generous with its resources; finances, time, and people.


It’s not just who you know, but it’s who knows you that matters most. We are a church of groups. We don’t think anyone should do life alone. We are not on this earth to compete with each other but to complete one another. The church is God's family. 


What we do is driven by our vision. It if doesn’t line up, we won't do it.


We are a church dedicated to serving our county and meeting real, tangible needs. We want to partner with the amazing people who are making amazing things happen. We are servants first. Serving Jesus and serving others.


We believe Jesus is worthy of all of our first love. We pour everything we have into everything we do in love for him and the good of others.

Our Beliefs